Tuesday, January 3, 2017

*2017* Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017!

We hope that you and your loved ones have had a pleasant and joyful holiday season. We're entering the new year in high gear despite the wintery weather making things look sleepy and calm. 2016 was a year of significant growth and change: our poultry's popularity exploded with more orders than we could fill (more than double the previous year!!!) and we added our CSA which was a huge hit. THANK YOU to everyone that supported and encouraged us as we took on two big expansions.

At the end of November, I (Malinda) attended the Women in Sustainable Agriculture conference in Portland. It was 3 full days of intensive classes full of information and motivation and I've been working on implementing some things I learned there over the winter. Naturally, it's a lot of work running a business and instituting change and growth but it's just simply what you do and I'm enthusiastic to meet the new year head on with renewed energy and balance between personal and business activities.

Some current highlights of my planning:

Last year we kept the fledgling program small; a CSA is a very different business model than just taking the best stuff to a market each week and I wanted to be sure we did a good job while we got our systems behind the scenes running smoothly. We received excellent feedback and praise from our members and this year we are ready to open the membership to a much larger number of people. I'm putting the final touches on 2017 paperwork and plan to have it published in the next week.

We were simply blown away with the surge in demand for our broiler chickens and turkeys last year. This year we plan to grow the limit of what we legally can under exemption split between chickens and turkeys. I'm refining the paperwork and assessing pricing and flock scheduling. I expect to have paperwork for preorders ready mid-January and I encourage customers to preorder as early as possible as I expect to sell out.

Check back to see updates posted soon!