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Thanks to relatively new legislation that allows small farms like ours to process birds for sale we expanded into pastured poultry. We are excited to be able to bring our customers quality birds that are raised on fresh grass and are not only far more ethically-produced but better for you and tastier. We process most birds on-site for preorder sales but in 2014 we also expanded by obtaining the licensing needed to offer frozen birds offsite, frozen at markets or to restaurants; these birds are processed commercially in Willamina.

For those unfamiliar with just what "pastured poultry" means let me explain. These birds start out life in a "brooder" which keeps them warm and safe when very small. As soon as they're old enough to move outside (usually around 3 weeks) they move into a portable pen that is moved at least once daily to fresh grass. This allows the birds to forage and breathe fresh air; it is much more hygienic than cramped commercial production methods. Better husbandry of these birds allows us to raise them without hormones, antibiotics, or unnatural supplements. They receive no medications, hormones, or animal byproducts and are fed Purina's all natural Flockraiser in addition to the grasses and foraging. Since we process preordered birds ourselves you know that our birds did not have to endure a stressful transport and that they were treated as kindly as possible during their transition from field to freezer. This model of production was made famous by Joel Salatin who has written many books on farming and food production and was also featured in the movie Food, Inc. which we highly recommend watching.  

Turkeys (Broad Breasted Whites) are harvested in several batches as they grow so that we can best accommodate customer preferences regarding size. All birds will be harvested in the fall and sold frozen prior to Thanksgiving. Please reserve your turkey as early as possible, we sell out every year well before Thanksgiving.

***Order forms are available via email or I can mail them to you. I'm working on finding a way to post them here for easy access but alas, I'm a farmer and not a web designer so my technical skills are ever-evolving.

2021 Poultry Pricing

Frozen Whole Chickens at Market: $4.75/lb.

Harvest Day Fresh Chicken/Turkey Pickup On-Farm: $4.50/lb
Birds need to be preordered with deposits paid to be eligible for harvest day pricing. No minimum on number of birds ordered.

2021 Poultry Buyers Club 

Gold Membership  $170.00
40-Pound Prepaid Purchase: equals approximately 8-10 chickens.
Buy-In: $170.00
Qualifies buyer discounted price of $4.25/lb. for calendar year on fresh, harvest day chickens when they buy ten or more on the same day.
*Buyer must take all chickens on same processing day, pre-frozen. Additional chickens may be purchased on the same day at $4.25/lb. if available. Turkeys also qualify for Gold Level pricing of $4.00/lb. if preordered prior to June 15th with standard $20.00 deposit paid. 

Platinum Membership  $400.00
100-Pound Prepaid Purchase; equals approximately 20 chickens.
Buy in: $400.00
Qualifies buyer for a discounted price of $4.00/lb. for the calendar year on fresh, harvest day chickens when purchasing a minimum of 10 per harvest day.
Discounted $4.00 pricing also can be used for turkeys if preordered prior to July 15th with standard $20.00 deposit paid! *Buyer can split birds between multiple harvest dates (when available and prearranged) for pricing discount.

Membership Procedure:

Birds must be prearranged for harvest date scheduling. Buy in amount must be paid up front at time of joining. Purchases beyond the preordered amount are subject to availability of fresh harvested birds. Organ meats (livers, hearts, gizzards) and necks are also available (first come, first served) at the same pricing as birds; please indicate whether you would like these at time of ordering.  
·        Transactions paying by credit/debit card are subject to an additional 3% transaction fee.
·        No refunds are given unless there is a shortage of birds available.
·        Birds not taken fresh on harvest days are subject to a $.25/lb freezer-fee.
·        Birds not taken within 15 days of harvest are considered abandoned and are released for sale; no refunds are given.

*We also offer a CSA program where chickens can be added to the weekly fruit & vegetable membership.*
This gives you bulk-buy discounting without the need for much freezer space!
Contact us for more information if this might be a good option for your family.

Eggs are $4.00 a dozen.. We love to be able to reuse cartons to keep our expenses down so please save us yours!

Our flock of around 40 laying hens lives out on pasture in a portable eggmobile (coop on a trailer). They have lots of fresh grass to forage through and are only cooped up at night to provide protection from predators. In addition to foraging they are fed Purina's Layena feed and are free of any medications, hormones, or animal byproducts. Most of our layers are the somewhat rare heritage Barnevelder breed although we have some Easter Eggers, and a mix of "Oooh! You're cute" impulse springtime feed store buys.