CSA:  Paused for 2023

This year after much hard deliberation we’ve decided to take 2023 off from offering the CSA format due to several factors with a major one being that I (Malinda) am having surgery on both wrists to correct carpal tunnel that I’ve admittedly let go way too long before addressing. I’ve lost a lot of use of my hands and putting the repairs off until fall/winter is not an option. Having to heal through spring will be a tough one for me as it’s my favorite time of year to be outside with my hands in the soil. While I’m definitely not looking forward to being limited for a few months, it’s exciting to think what having functionality restored will open back up to me!

A CSA format is challenging to manage because it’s a ton of planning behind the scenes and needs a tight schedule to ensure we’ll have a sufficient and diverse harvest available each week to keep the shares interesting and of a high quality. With my temporary limitations and the family having to take care of me and the things I usually do, we need to take some pressure off ourselves.

While we’re pausing the CSA program for one year, we WILL still be growing and have things to offer. I plan to be doing a lot of canning later in the summer so the gardens will definitely still be planted, just on a looser schedule. As things come ripe, I’ll be updating our website and emails with ‘a la carte’ style options of what’s available and we’d love to put together custom options. It is entirely possible that later in the season we’ll have enough to offer a partial season CSA for a few folks but I just don’t want to make promises and take deposits on something like that with our spring being in question while I heal.  We also will have chickens and turkeys available but we’re paring them down to more pre-order system so if you’d like us to supply you with a few let’s chat about how many and when you’d like them and I’ll happily work them into our schedule.

Growing is in our blood and we love what we do; we plan to be BACK next year with our regular program with all the bells and whistles so please keep us in mind as your source of local farm goodness. We’ll miss the routines of the program this summer but we’re also looking forward to a little extra family time before our twins start preschool this fall.


To give a sense of what our program usually looks like, I’m leaving 2022’s information below.

We look forward to resuming the program in 2024. 

CSA Pricing & Details 
Season: June 1st to October 26th, 2022 (22 Weeks)
Wednesdays, 2-7 PM at the Farm (3630 Adams Rd. Dallas) 
$550 When joined before May 1st 2022
$575 When joined from May 2nd to June-1st
$30/week Prorated when joined mid-season.

(Available within the city limits of Monmouth, Independence, and Dallas)
We are planning to do our deliveries on Wednesday evenings between 6&8 PM.
$575 When joined before May 1st 2022
$600 When joined from May 2nd to June-1st
$35/week Prorated when joined mid-season.
Contents: Each week you’ll receive a fresh assortment of fruits, veggies, and occasional value-added items like jams, salsa, or pickles.
Benefits: Members receive the freshest and widest variety of products we offer; boxes will have short-supply items that our market booth may not. Members get to see the farms and have a closer connection to their food’s source. Optional add-ons such as eggs, chicken, or beef give CSA customers priority for short-supply items and convenient access. Members are eligible for special pricing and first opportunity on bulk items such as flats of berries or canning quantities of produce.
Optional Poultry Add-On   $225
This option adds a frozen pasture-raised broiler chicken to your box every other week through the season. (11 chickens total) This is a fantastic way to enjoy our quality meat with bulk savings and you don't need a lot of freezer space to do it.
Optional Poultry Add-On  (Half Order) $115
This option adds a frozen pasture-raised broiler chicken to your box once per month through the season. (5 chickens total)  
Order Form & More Information: Click HERE

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