Thursday, April 13, 2023

2023 Update

A quick update for 2023:

Despite the soggy spring we are enjoying the sunbreaks, the daffodils, and working like crazy on farm projects which currently are focused on fencing installation for better grazing rotation for our livestock. I've updated the page tabs for our poultry and CSA. 

Upcoming Opportunity: CHICKENS!
We will be harvesting our first batch of chickens on the weekend of May 6th. They look wonderful; if you're interested in some, this is the time to plan and reserve! With rising feed costs we've moved into almost exclusively growing to order and at present, most of our year is sold out. We have this one flock that we committed to for small orders and impulse sales but when they're gone, we will likely be sold out for the year. Head over to our poultry tab for full details and a link to our order form. 

We are pausing our official CSA program for 2023 largely because I (Malinda) just had surgery on both wrists and while I very much want to be super-human and do all-the-things, I needed a break from the tight planning and planting schedules that a formal CSA requires. We ARE still planting lots of delicious fruits and veggies this year so stay tuned for harvest announcements; we'd love to pick for you this summer. *More details on the CSA tab.