Meet the Family

Our small farm depends on the cooperative efforts of a handful of family members who each bring their unique talents to the project.
Malinda Bermudez
Hi, I'm the one that's typing & posting everything you see and read here. I'm also the face you'll see 99% of the time in our booths. I've worked closely with my in-laws for more than a decade to help plan, plant, and promote the farm. In 2009 I left outside employment to work with the farm business full time. I have a horticulture degree from Oregon State University and love the upsurge in small-scale sustainable farming. This way of life is my passion and I love that doing this allows me to work at a variety of tasks from planting to marketing.

Carlos Bermudez
Married to Malinda in 2001, Carlos helps out as he's able to on the farm. He drives truck professionally although long term he plans to cut back and help out with the farming business as it grows. The pastured poultry project is one of his endeavors and he's marvelously talented at building pens, pluckers, and other equipment & structures we never seem to have enough of. In the winter of 2012 Carlos and Malinda made a big jump to expand the family business by purchasing their own acreage just north of Monmouth. With additional resources now available Carlos and Malinda are excited to add additional facets to all that we offer.

New 2019 Additions: Meet Miles & Austin!
The summer of 2019 was a bit of a rough one as Malinda was very, very pregnant with TWINS! Miles and Austin arrived October 10th and are growing like little weeds. Raising twins is quite an adventure and while wonderful, it's a LOT. So, please bear with us if communications are a little slow, information a bit out of date, or you miss us at a market; we're happy to help you but please be a little patient with us. As they get a little older things will get more and more back to normal but in the meanwhile we're doing our best to prioritize our workloads and give the little ones the attention they need and deserve.

Dylan Bermudez
Dylan was welcomed into the family on Valentine's Day 2012. He is the first child for Malinda and Carlos and has quickly become a star attraction at the farmers markets. He loves farm life and is quite the helper. *These photos are old, but they're just too cute to update...

Silvia & Gabino Bermudez
Silvia and Gabino own the original Buena Vista farm and started out with just a small plot of strawberries over 15 years ago. Over the years that simple plot of berries has mushroomed into just about everything except mushrooms... oh wait, we've been known to do mushrooms too! Gabino is a long-haul truck driver and Silvia works an outside job in addition to on the farm.

Jesus Bermudez
Gabino's dad Jesus is a huge part of the farm's workforce. Although officially retired he is usually found out in the fields on the tractor or scaring birds out of the berries.