Monday, June 1, 2020

6-1-20 Availability

Here's what's available this week:
We will happily put an order together for you for delivery or pickup and invoice via Square for zero-contact shopping. We are not currently attending markets and are not open for farm browsing visits as we do not yet have a farm stand set up.  Please email ( your order and we’ll create an invoice for you promptly.

Veggies, Berries, Etc.
Rhubarb, 1-gallons: $8.50 ea.
Raspberries “Anne” (Golden Variety), 3-gallons: $15.00
4” Veggie Overstock $2.00 Each:
Yellow Zucchini ‘Early Prolific Straightneck’
Cherry Tomatoes: Chocolate Cherry, Isis Candy, Red Cherry LG, Sungold, Sub Arctic Plenty, Jelly Bean, Green Zebra
Slicing Tomatoes: Prudens Purple, Ace 55, Pink Brandywine
Melons: Honey Rock Cantaloupe, Sugar Cube Cantaloupe
Cucumber: Spacemaster Bush, Lemon

Flowers, Shrubs, Ornamentals
Oriental Lilies, Satisfaction, Flavia, Asst. 1-gallons: $8.50 ea.
Lilacs, Syringa vulgaris (assorted fragrant cultivars) 1-gallons: $8.50 ea.
Dahlias, 1-gallon $8.50 each: Jabberbox, Smarty Pants, Wicki Woo, Skywalker, Mingus Toni, Strawberry Fields, Speckled Chee, Lavender Chiffon

Strawberries are just coming into season, order yours now! $3.00 basket, $17.00 half flat, $28 full flat. No sprays, Benton variety.

JAMS $4.00 Half-Pints, $7.50 Pints
Strawberry, Strawberry-Rhubarb, Boysen

Eggs $4.00/dozen
*Sorry, but at this time our egg supply is meeting family needs and we do not have surplus to sell.

FROZEN, ready to go! Limited supply.
Whole Fryer Chickens: $4.50/lb
Average weight: 3.5 to 6#

We are currently reserving chickens and turkeys for this summer and fall's harvests. We raise mostly for orders that are presold so please consider ordering early to ensure you get what you're looking for. Turkeys sell out every year and are distributed by preorder date so make sure to get your deposits in early for best selection of size preference and availability. See our poultry page for more details.

There is a limited amount of ground and a few steaks etc. available. We are sold out of shares for quarters and halves and do not currently have any animals nearing maturity for harvest. 


BEEF BONES   $3.00/lb

SOUP BONES   $3.00/lb
Simmer for outstanding and healthful stock.

KIDNEY  $1.50/lb
Averages 1.15#/package.

LIVER $2.50/LB
Averages 1#/package.


RIB STEAK  $12.00/lb
Averages 1.2#/package.


T BONE STEAK  $13.00/lb
Averages 1.4#/package.

Averages 1#/package.

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